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Leadership that Listens. 

I am honored to serve as your First Selectwoman. We've faced many significant challenges together and I would be proud to continue to represent you through these changing times. 
It’s been a long, amazing journey these last four years – and I am so grateful to see Madison arriving at such a magnificent place. A place of vibrancy, prosperity, and pride. Today I pledge to keep working hard to keep the momentum going and will make sure we stay on track towards an ever-brighter future. 

Since first taking office, I have worked tirelessly with my fellow board members, town staff, and community volunteers to tackle the problems of the day with creativity, collaboration, and vision – and will continue to make the necessary changes and investments needed to prepare us for the road ahead. 

Working as a team, we’ve been able to get things done in a bi-partisan way that no other administration has accomplished in many years – we did this by listening to and learning from the community - incorporating their ideas and priorities into our policies and plans.  

My promise to the voters of Madison is to:

  • Always put your health and safety first

  • Be a respectful, responsive leader that listens to you

  • Make sure voter-approved strategic projects get completed as promised 

  • Keep us fiscally sound despite great economic head winds 

  • Help our local economy remain vibrant and small businesses thrive

  • Communicate frequently on important local issues that you care about  

  • Pursue additional improvements in Town government to improve service and reduce costs 

  • Seek ways to keep Madison sustainable and affordable for residents of all ages

  • Continue to identify and tackle our challenges as a shoreline community by proactively planning for them.  This includes climate change, community-driven land use policies, demographic shifts, regionalization, and the state’s fiscal challenges  

As a citizen, wife, mother, neighbor, and volunteer, I am deeply committed to maintaining the excellence of our community. Together, we will continue to keep Madison a wonderful place to live, raise a family and retire.

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